Human real hair extension has been regarded as one of the most premium items in the beauty industry. The hair extension is widely used and beloved by international customers from many countries all over the world. 

1. What is definition of Human hair extensions?

Human real hair extensions are hair products made of 100% human hair, gathered from 1 donor to groups of donors. These products give users the appearance of longer and thicker hair. 

2. Human hair extensions characteristic:

* Human hair extensions offer the most natural looking appearance.

Human hair extensions made of human hair are collected directly from women. Therefore, they can retain the characteristics of human hair, which is smooth, strong and silky. So it will be well-blended with your natural hair and it's difficult for others to recognize you're wearing hair extensions.

* Human hair extensions can be treated as your natural hair

Hair extensions made out of real hair can be treated in the same way you treat your natural hair. Normal haircare like washing, blow-drying, … or chemistry treatment like straightening, curling, dying… are all possible. However we recommend that you should apply heat protectant products before doing any heat treatment. Also, only dyeing from light colors to dark colors for hair extensions.

* Human hair extensions have long-lasting lifespan

High quality hair extensions made of human hair from can last for a long period. In fact, depending on the types of hair or the hair material, the durability of this hair extension can be varied. Generally, it can be said that with proper hair care and preservation, your hair extensions could maintain their beauty for several months to years.

All hair from Haly Hair are guaranted to last 1-3 years under proper care.



Taylor Abrams said:

I am absolutely shocked to know that directly from women, human hair is used to make hair extensions. You explained that they can therefore maintain the silky, strong, and smooth qualities of human hair. I needed this because I really need hair extensions for a corporate event I need to attend next week. I hate my short cair and it brings my confidence down so thanks for this.

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