Currently, the brilliant color hair extensions like blonde, red, orrange, blue… are very trendy and bring the beautiful look to your hair. However, the color hair extensions need a little bit more attention comparing with natural color hair if you want your color to last long. Natural human hair extensions is an investment and it’s the worst to have the color fade just after 1-2 weeks due to not well-taking-care. Below Haly Hair will instruct you how to take care of your color hair extensions which has been bleached and dyed.

  1. Don’t wash your hair within 72 hours from coloring.

When natural human hair is treated like bleached and dyed, the cuticles are open to let the color go into the cuticles and stay there. If you wash your hair extensions too soon when the cuticles are still open, the color will be faded away and also the hair extensions will be weak.

Please wait at least 72 hours before doing any washing.

  1. Use sulfate free hair care products.

Don’t use any hair care product having the anionic detegent named Sodium laureth sulfate on your hair extensions, it will make the hair extensions lost natural moisture and become freak and dry.

  1. Don’t wash your hair extensions too frequently

Wash your hair extensions 2 times a week maximum to keep the color beautiful and avoid fading.

  1. Use cool water to wash your color hair extensions.

Hot water will make the color fading. Try to use cool water to wash your hair, it will help to seal the moisture from conditioner into hair cutticles.

  1. Always apply heat protectant products before styling your hair with a hot tool.

Same as hot water, temperature on hot tools will make color fade away and make your hair extensions dry. To protect your hair extensions, please always spay the heat protectant products before styling.

With the above instructions, we believe that you clearly understand how to take care your hair extensions. All the hair extensions from Haly Hair are made from healthy natural human hair strands and going through the fresh treatment process to get the beautiful color which will not damage to your health and your own hair. But these healthy hair extensions will need your gentle care and love to have long lastings and keep its beauty. In case you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to left a message on our website, we’ll review carefully all the comments and feedback to you.

August 15, 2022 — Trang Phan

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