Curly hair extensions need a little bit higher maintainance than straight hair extensions. So you need to pay more attention when caring the curly hair extensions to keep the nice curly texture and long life-span for your hair extensions.

  1. Don’t brush the curly hair extensions when the hair is dry.

If you find that your curly hair extensions have a few tangles or knots, please note that you should detangle the hair in wet conditions or with curly foam. Please be reminded to use wide-tooth comb or your own fingers to detangle from the bottom to root. Repeat until your curly hair extensions tangle-free.


  1. Let the curly hair extension air-dry.

One of the best things you can do for your hair extensions is to avoid heat. So after having your washed, please use the towel to remove all the water, and put the hair naturally dry.

In case you’re in a hurry and need to blow-dry your hair, please use low heat level, don’t use comb when blow-drying, use your hand rolling the hair to keep good shape curls.

The most important is not combing the curly hair extension in the straight way, it will loosen the curly texture and straighten your curly hair.


  1. Use leave-in conditioner to keep the hair extensions moisturizing.

Do you know the hair extensions is easier to dry than your own hair? Please use the good leave-in conditioner or argan oil to keep the hair extensions moisturizing and smooth.


  1. Protect hair extensions when sleeping.

Wrapping your curly hair extensions in a silk scarf, or using rollers to curl your hair when sleeping at night to keep the nice curl.


Good hair extensions is not cheap, it’s your investment, please follow all the instruction well to keep your hair extensions nice and long life-span.

July 04, 2022 — Trang Phan

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