All Haly hair is ethically sourced.

Not as other brands who purchases hair extensions from factories which they don't know the origin source, we have our own factory and manage the hair source strictly. All our hair is purchased from healthy adults who agree to sell their hair fairly. The money they receive for their hair is significant and can often be month worth of pay in local currency. 

Our hair is guaranted to be:

* 100% Ethically sourced

* 100% Ethically produced 

Haly hair provide in 3 qualities:

  • Double drawn hair (A+)

  • Super double drawn hair (A++)

  • Premium super double drawn hair(A+++).

The difference among these quality is the thickness of hair end, the Double Drawn (A+) bundles are thinner at hair end while Super Double Drawn (A++) bundles are thicker, and Premium (A+++) bundles are thickest with almost no short hair (all medium and long hair included in the bundles).

You can review the below videos to see the good quality of each types.



 Double drawn hair (A+) & Super double drawn hair (A++) by Halyhair.



 Premium super double drawn hair(A+++) by Halyhair.