Hair length guide.

Haly Hair provide human hair extensions with full lengths from 6’’-32’’ (available on website) and extra length until 40’’ (please contact with our team via WhatsApp +84854448485 to order extra length)

How to measure the hair length corectly?

For curly and wavy hair, the hair strands should be stretched straightly before measuring the length.

How many packs should I order for a full head hair extensions or a completed wigs?

our unit selling each pack 100 grams,

* We recommend the below quantity for a full head application with good volume:

- under 16inch length: 1 pack 100 grams

- 18inch - 24inch: 2 packs 200 grams

- 26inch - 32inch: 3 packs 300 grams 

* For a wigs:

- under 18inch length: 2 packs weft 200 grams + 1 closure/frontal 

- 20inch - 32inch: 3 packs 300 grams  + 1 closure/frontal 

How to comb the hair correctly?

Please be reminded to always use a wide-tooth comb to comb the hair extensions.

When the hair is dry, you can use wide-tooth comb to comb through for straight and wavy hair.

For curly hair, please DON’T comb when the hair is dry. Please make the hair wet with curly hair specific foam or put the hair in water with leave-in conditioner before combing with a wide-tooth comb to ensure the hair will not be tangle or shedding.