When you place an order of natural human hair extensions, there are many options you need to add to the items, such as: hair extensions type, hair extensions quality, length, color, texture. This post will intruct you how to handle additional options and choose enough information to complete an order of natural hair extensions on Haly Hair website.

When you choose the type of extensions you want, the website will bring you to a detail window with detailed description and information of product, and lower part is  where you can handle additional options for your hair extensions.

The first information you need to handle is the Material standards, which is also called hair quality for the hair extensions. We have 3 differents quality: Double drawn, Super Double Drawn and Premium Super Double Drawn

You can explore the difference among these 3 qualities at the below link:


Secondly, you need to handle hair extensions length, we provide full length from 8 inches to 32 inches

If you are not sure which hair extensions length is suitable for you, you can find the guideline about hair extensions length at below link:


Thirdly, you need to know how to choose the texture, how to handle curly, wavy or straight texture to your item, also, how to handle the details like loose curly, pixie curly, body wavy or bone straight…

There are 2 steps to handle texture, you need to do step 1 – choose the general texture: straight, curly or wavy texture, and then do step 2 – choose the detail texture: bone straight, natural straight, pixie curly or body wavy….

There is the texture catalogue on each product, so it’s easy for you to review and choose the texture you want.

The last information you need to handle is choosing color code. There any many photos with color code number on each photo, please be reminded to choose the color code you want by click on the photo.

All the information you chose will be shown on the shopping cart:

If the texture you choose is curly or wavy, there will be an additional row accompanied with the item and show the additional fee for texture.

Please review all the information carefully at the shopping cart stage if all information is correct before going to check-out. And in case you have any questions or need support, please don’t hesitate to chat directly with us, we’re willing to support 24/7.

Thank you for placing order with Haly Hair!

August 24, 2022 — Ha Thia

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