There are different types of hair extensions: Bulk hair, Weft hair, Keratin bond hair, Ponytail, Clip in hair, Tape hair... Today we would like to talk about the advantages of the most popular and easiest application - tape hair extensions.

1️⃣. Natural Appearance Tape in hair extensions can add style and volume to your hair with natural and discreet results. This is because hair extensions are harvested from a human donor who has soft, silky hair. It can also provide extremely natural results in clients with thin hair because the tape lies flat to the scalp.

2️⃣. Lower Risk Of Scalp Discomforts The application is pain-free since they are incredibly lightweight and they adhere well to your real hair without putting any pressure on your scalp.

3️⃣. Quick & Easy to apply It is quick and very easy to fix them as well as allows for styling in various ways. To be more precise, the whole process normally takes approximately twenty minutes!

4️⃣. Easy Removal Tape in hair extensions are the easiest to remove. This is because they are applied using a high-quality double-sided tape, which is attached to a portion of your hair. The process of removal requires the use of a special bond removal solution, which allows the tapes to slide out naturally without the need for pulling.

5️⃣. Can be reused with new tapes The good news is that you can reuse your hair extensions by replacing the old tapes with new high-quality double-sided tapes. After a few minutes of reapplication, your hairstyle is back to its glamorous look.

6️⃣. More Hairstyle Options Since they are harvested from a human donor, you can experiment with your hair extensions by using a straightener or a curling wand without melting the bonds or damaging the hair

All hair from Haly hair are 100% Remy cuticle in-tact , no tangle no shedding and are roduced from real human hair, it looks so healthy and soft. It can be used for a long time up to 2 years So don't worry about the hair quality and contact us to order today‼️

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