Flat Weft Hair Extensions are a hybrid between hand tied wefts and machine wefts, so-called Hybrid Wefts. They take the best qualities of both types of hair extensions and merge them into one new revolutionary weft where you are able to achieve an ultra-flat lace weft attachment that caters to the discreetness and comfort of hand tied wefts, with the flexibility, customization abilities and density of machine wefts for all hair textures from fine to thick.

The application of flat weft hair extensions is easier than hand tied hair extensions as they can be cut and customized and therefore, they are more affordable, however they do take longer than machine wefts as they are thinner and more delicate. Similar to hand tied, they need to be reinstalled every 6-8 weeks to preserve the look and your ability to conceal them.

There are different types of hair extensions provided by Haly Hair: Bulk hair, Weft hair, Keratin bond hair, Ponytail, Clip in hair, Tape hair... All hair strands that are optimum in weight, cuticle correct, 100% Virgin human hair, in a variety of colors and lengths and suitable for all hair types.

Haly Hair Extensions Manufacturer Virgin Hair Extensions provides the most desirable high quality human hair extensions on the market. We offer exclusive discounts and custom pricing for Distributors, Re-sellers, Salon owners and Stylists buying all lengths from 8 inches to 32 inches in bulk can contact us to know more.

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