Keratin tip hair extensions are great for seamlessly lengthening and thickening short or medium hairstyles. Using a low amount of heat to melt our Italian Keratin tips, Flat-tips are popular because of the small attachment area needed. Our natural Remy human hair allows for natural blending and multiple long-lasting installations. You’ll love how these V-tips and U-tips will feel!

1. Add Volume and Length
Flat tip extensions add extra length and volume to the hair. They are made from 100% genuine and authentic Remy human hair that has never been treated or processed other than during the gentle colouring and moisturizing practices.

2. Provide Natural Look and Feel
The best part about flat tip extensions is that they look and feel natural. They will blend in with your hair. You can style them in any way you like. They are thick and will give your hair a lustrous look without telling people that you are wearing hair extensions.

3. Are Invisible to the Naked Eye
The naked eye cannot see flat tip hair extensions. They are well concealed in the natural hair strands. The flat tips have the same colour as the extensions themselves, so they are not prominent. However, as your hair grows over time, the tips will start to come down and might be visible. In that case, you will have to reinstall your hair extensions.

4. Do Not Damage Natural Hair
Since flat tip extensions do not require the use of any heat styling tools during the application process, they do not damage the natural hair. The microbeads, rings, or glues used to fasten the extensions to the natural hair are entirely safe and will prevent any damages to your hair.

5. Offer Pain-Free Application and Removal
The process of applying and removing flat tip hair extensions is completely pain-free. Both application and removal require professional help since special tools are needed, but the process is relatively simple. You can administer it at home once you get the hang of it.

✅ Haly Hair is committed to supplying 100% human hair to our clients ❌ NO mix synthetic fiber / animal hair.
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Eve Mitchell said:

I loved that you mentioned that flat-tip extensions do not damage natural hair. I’m hoping that I can get hair extensions because I got my hair cut last week and I really don’t like the look of it. It’d be good to visit a salon and get extensions so I can feel confident again.

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