➡️ Clean Sections: The cleaner the section the easier it is to create a flawless application.
➡️ No Flyaways: Don’t be afraid to use a mix of grippers, clips and pins to fold those little hairs away. Having little to no fly aways will prevent painful pulling on your clients hair.
➡️ Tapes are placed 1-2mm away from scalp: Placing tapes 1-2mm away from the scalp will prevent unnecessary tension on your clients hair.

➡️ Sandwiched hair matches the width of the tape tab: This will keep tapes securely anchored to the scalp across the whole width of the extension bond and will prevent twisting and bending of the corners of the tape tab as it grows out.
➡️ 1-2cm spacing between tapes: Spacing your tape tabs apart will prevent the extensions from rubbing against each other & sitting on top of each other as they grow out.

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December 12, 2022 — Trang Phan

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