Flat Weft and Genius Weft hair extensions medium blonde color


Flat Weft Hair Extensions are a hybrid between hand tied wefts and machine wefts. They take the best qualities of both types of hair extensions and merge them into one new revolutionary weft where you are able to achieve an ultra-flat lace weft attachment that caters to the discreetness and comfort of hand tied wefts, with the flexibility, customization abilities and density of machine wefts for all hair textures from fine to thick.

As flat wefts are thin (4mm weft band), they are also relatively easy to conceal without looking bulky at the roots and are comfortable to wear.

Flat Weft hair extensions advantage

  • Flat weft line (arround 4mm weft band) 
  • Can be cut anywhere to specific size 
  • No mustache hair

Genius weft is the most premium style of weft on the market. It contains no ‘ fringe ‘ return hair, can be cut on the seam, and is flatter than a hand-tied weft. This weft is an industry game changer, the perfect weft for every application style to bring your customers the absolute top-of-the-range hair extension product. Stand out as an industry professional by offering the ULTIMATE weft!

Genius Weft hair extensions advantage

  • Tiny and thin weft line (arround 1.7mm weft band) 
  • Can be cut anywhere to specific size 
  • No mustache hair

And all weft from Haly Hair are made from 100% natural human hair which will bring the natural and voluminous, mermaid-like looks to your hair.

Haly hair has various beautiful shades of medium blonde colors, all of them are shiny, silky and can be provided in all textures.

Price is for each pack 100grams (2 weft tracks - 70cm each tracks)

Material hair

: Super double drawn hair (A++) and Premium super double drawn hair (A+++)
Lenght : From 12 - 32 inches (30-80Cm)
Color : Medium blonde #8, #8C, #11A, #12, #14, #16, #16A, #18, #18B, #18C, #27
Type : Flat weft and Genius Weft
Style : Natural straight, bone straight
Texture : Many options of texture for each style
Hair quality

: Remy hair

Price unit 

: For each pack 100grams (2 weft tracks - 70cm each tracks)

Elastic bands

: #NA

Texture hair charts
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