The First and most important thing we would like to make clear is that all our hairs are 100% Natural human hair with full cuticles aligned, no mixed synthentic or bad hair.

However when you receive hair extensions from us, you may see that enclosed invoice state that these are Synthetic fiber artificial hair with very low value (from $10-$50). Below are some reasons for that declaration

Firstly, as you know, customs from almost all countries are very sensitive with products collected from alive animal and human which will lead to very complicated export and import process. And in some case, our hair extensions cannot be shipped out of our country, or cannot be imported into your countries and need to be returned back which causes many costs and requires many complicated importing documents, even from importers (mean you, our customer).

To make the process to be easier, we declared our hairs as Synthentic fiber which help export and import process quicker and simpler.

Secondly, it’s about import tax. In case we declare full amount of the products which you paid to us, you will definitely need to pay very high amount for tax – in some country, this tax rate is 50% of hair extensions amount which is not cheap.

So, please understand that all the import tax and duty of receiver’s country need to be paid by the receiver (if applicable)

But when we send hair extensions to you, we can declare the lower value with customs and name “synthentic hair”, so in the most case, there will no tax or very small tax amount will be counted on you.

Last but not least, we would like to re-emphasize that all our hairs are natural real human hair which we have tested and fumigated carefully. This can be checked with any hair extensions specialist or hair salon to verify this. We provide the best natural hair extensions aligned with the value of your payment.

October 21, 2022 — Trang Phan


Kiran Moirangthem said:


My wife is interested in opening a hair extensions salon here in Germany. How is you supply connections in Germany what are the EU regulation that we need to consider. Appreciate if we can discuss. Interested

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